MacDonald’s Hot Dogs?

On the lighter side, though not fat-free, have you ever wondered why MacDonald’s has never tried purveying hot dogs?  I have.  Not on a daily basis, but it has crossed my mind.

Let’s be “frank”…  They’ve done ribs, lobster, chicken, wraps, salads, and more — but nary a dog in the bunch.  Not even the cocktail variety.

There must be a reason.  Is it image?  Something Ray Kroc said should NEVER happen?

These kinds of things make me curious, because marketing decisions are fascinating, and I marvel at those who are capable of reading the tea leaves concerning what might be a hit or a disaster.

Maybe I’ll stop in my local Mickey D’s and ask the manager… 

Then likely get arrested for suspicious behavior.

One Response to MacDonald’s Hot Dogs?

  1. Jimminy C says:

    Well I guess Hot Dogs are kind on the run food aren’t they. At least with a burger you might sit down and well then you might have some chips and sure why not have a drink and before you know it your 10 bucks down.

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