Palin’s private email, not so

BREAKING NEWS!  Governor Palin’s private email account has been hacked, and now private pictures of kids, along with private phone numbers of friends get posted on the net.

The story seems to be in what might be gleaned from the spoils, but I would submit that the real gem is already out and glistening in the sun.

This pearl of great price, now laid bare in an open field, is the glaring reality that the radical left will attempt to destroy anyone who threatens to win over the hearts and minds (votes) of the American people. 

Forget the right to privacy.  That only counts for AlQaeda. 

Never mind the fact that the Alaska Governor has embodied the essence of freedom and accomplishment for all people, men and women.  That is of no account to those who only tolerate their own kind. 

Everyone else must be destroyed.

Nothing of any real account is likely to be revealed in the pilfered correspondence.  But if we step back and take a gander at the big picture, much will be learned about the motives and practices of those who will try to profit from the unconscionable theft.


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