John McCain

Senator John McCain is not the most skilled man at reading from a teleprompter.  He’s not the most fashionable individual ever to ascend a convention podium.  At some level, every single speaker preceding him at the Republican convention would score higher oratory style points.

Yet, along with and beyond broad and solid political experience, John McCain truly has what few others possess.  That is the sturdy character, tempered courage and seasoned confidence that can only come through facing down unspeakable adversity and finding new life beyond.

In so many ways, this man has been there, and done that — with conviction and with class.  We don’t have to wonder what kind of person he will be.  It is unavoidably obvious who he is. 

John McCain’s credentials are truly unmatched, at least in this contest, and I hope, on Election Day in November, that the man of few flowery phrases will find a nation of millions able to say two simple words:  thank you.


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