Sarah Palin

WOW!  What a great moment in American politics and life, as this woman, Alaska’s Governor, stood up in the batter’s box, under duress, impossibly high expectations, 3 and 2, the bases filled, and calmly hit the ball clean out of the park!

Graceful, funny, smart, classy, perceptive, poised — what an incredible performance. 

What struck me as interesting was that her choice by McCain seemed to instantly bring down such unspeakably hateful and despicable gutter sniping from the far left.  Attacking 17 year old children?

I wondered, what are they afraid of?

Now, we all know.  It’s simple.  Sarah Palin is a most capable and attractive public servant who can speak directly to, and from, actual experience.  She doesn’t need to morph supposedly running a campaign into the equivalent challenge, expertise and responsibility of holding an executive office.

No wonder Sarah’s home state loves her.  Her choice was an innovative stroke of genius, unseen by the “experts” who were desperately trying to put a handle on this woman.  Taking to the the airwaves, this self-effacing “hockey-mom” grabbed their gossip-laden, trash-talking sensibilities and shook them to pieces.

Good for Sarah Palin.  Good for her family.  Good for us all.


2 Responses to Sarah Palin

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for the wonderful post.

  2. billkeane says:

    Thanks for the comment!

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