And so Senator Barack Obama has finally delivered THE SPEECH

Accepting his party’s nomination for President of the United States, regardless of the content, it was the realization of Dr. King’s beautifully articulated Dream.

America is a great country.  Not perfect.  But great.  If you don’t agree, show me another place with better opportunity, or more profound potential.

Right now, Barack Obama stands as living proof that the incredible American Experiment has worked — and worked with incalculably grand result. 

Truth be told, I don’t feel Barack Obama is anywhere near qualified to occupy the Oval Office. 

Not nearly. 

His supporters seem singularly unable to articulate one single accomplishment that reflects Executive capacity.  And frankly, his pandering to lowest common denominator sensibilities reveals a politician essentially no different than the Nastian caricatured rotund pundits of days gone past.

Obama speaks of home values going South, apparently unaware of normal economic cycles and the grossly inflated price-tags that left many of us potential home buyers sidelined.

He preaches words of personal security, but honestly, does ANYONE think Barack Obama would offer a stronger, more capable presence against AlQaeda and Islamic-fascism than John McCain?  Honestly.

If you were Usama bin Laden, who would you want to be the next President?

This is not a knock on Barack Obama.  It is simply an honest question seeking an enlightened and honest answer.

While I made this point 6 months ago, an African-American delegate (for Mrs. Clinton) given air-time by CNN said it best by asking if one would immediately give a neophyte, albeit with a Harvard degree, the position and responsibility of being CEO in a corporation holding the responsibility for 300 million lives.

Most would not offer this opportunity, and, let’s be honest, most inexperienced candidates, exuding a modicum of personal wisdom, would decline.  It frightens me that Senator Obama hasn’t waited a tad to take on the reigns that will dramatically influence world events.  I wish he’d at least been a Governor, for a term, perhaps two.

Finally, and herein lies my proud bias, I don’t believe he presently holds a fraction of George Bush’s integrity — a man who he seems to believe he’s running against.  The number of “present” votes he cast as a state politician is both shocking and revealing.  Someone with more courage and conviction would not have done so on such a regular basis.

Certainly Mr. Obama doesn’t bring nearly as much as John McCain to the table of actually being President. 

At this writing, I hope John McCain will be our next Commander in Chief.

BUT, I believe Barack Obama is a good and well- educated man.  I truly couldn’t care less what his ethnic heritage is.  His ability to run so successfully is something that should make all of us very proud, regardless of his actual capability to lead.

Should he win election, apart from my vote, he will be my President and I will support him.  I will pray for him and wish him the very best. 

That is what good Americans do.


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