China Gold, with a High Five

All credit to the Chinese men’s gymnastics team for earning the Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics! And isn’t it wonderfully informative that their much deserved celebrations were liberally laced with copious HIGH-FIVES (not to mention team huddles)!

But I thought HIGH-FIVES were an American thing!?

Indeed, they are. But like so many examples of modern “Americana”, the HIGH-FIVE has been warmly embraced as a sign that one has made it.

Whether watching most young people in Serbia and Croatia wearing Levi’s and ‘t’s, or hearing older men in Sarajevo answer their cell-phones with, “Wassup?”, it is awfully difficult to miss the zeal with which people from around the world yearn to be publically associated with decidedly American things.

I know some local pols would like to score points by asserting that they will restore our broken relations with the rest of the the world. Yet, how is it that Germans elected the party led by Merkel and the French did likewise with Sarkozy — BOTH unabashedly pro-American (actually, so did Canada)?

Hmmm? How can this be?

They must deeply resent our President’s unparalleled efforts to eradicate malaria and AIDS in Africa. And, let’s be honest, it’s SUCH a shame that we took out Saddam Hussein. What a crime.

Forget the HIGH-FIVES, the jeans, the music, the movies, the reliance upon for food and medical (and military) aid. Ignore the hero’s welcome for George Bush in places like Tanzania… The Germans and French must really hate us. Everyone does. Especially our former enemy, China. That MUST be true. At least that’s what’s been portrayed in the American media.

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